I connect you to "your true" nature

A few years ago, in 2018 to be exact, I was touched in my heart while traveling in Peru. I deeply felt and remembered my true connection with nature.

It hurt because I felt so much love, my hart could hardly take it. But I felt and experienced for the first time my true connection with the mountains, lakes, the trees, the stars and the animals.

They spoke to me and offered me insights about old pain and things I should let go off in order to have a lighter more joyfull life, more in alignment with my essence.

I felt a hunger for more knowledge about collaborating with nature and the cosmos. I followed my intuition and took several courses in communicating with animals, herbal healing, Touch of Matrix, Soul Body Fusion® and I received several initiations in Inca Sjamanism. More and more ancient knowledge opened up for me.  I greatly enjoy the dayly new truths I receive and the new collaborating possibilies with the different loving spirits on and in mother earth and those who reside within cosmos and source.

I gladly share my knowledge about collaborating with nature and Spirit and help you connect to your true nature. That way you can live more and more to your fullest potential.

I’ll help you let go of old non-constructive patterns and help you anchor more in your true essence and mother earth, so you can remain strongly centered. That way you will experience that life will become more fun and exciting!

I work based on my intuition and use different sjamanistic healing skills in which I collaborate with nature, cosmos and my loving guides. 

Always aligned to your soul. That way your receive the right healing and insights you require to sink more and more in to your true nature and soul purpose here on mother earth.

I do this with the highest respect for the loving being you are. In Lak’ech!

I look forward to meeting you! Marjoke


Verbind je met je ware natuur