Volle Maan Ceremonie met Don Hernan

Don Hernan

“I invite you to join us in this ceremony of the full moon to improve our connection with this spirits of Hanaq Pacha, so their light can guide us on the right path and guide us to do our best in our daily life, and also to open new portals of wisdom in connection with Mama Killa (mother moon).

Your are going to learn how to offer and connect to Mama Killa so the light in our hearts never turns off and Mama Killa can share her endless love with us.”

Urpichay Sonqoy

Don Hernan Quillahuaman

Paqo Pampamisayoc

Online  Volle Maan Ceremonies georganiseerd door verbindjemetjewarenatuur.nl (Marjoke) in samenwerking met Gouden Wind (Ron) :

Komende data: 24 juni,24 juli en 22 augustus 2021.

Aanmelden kan op:

info@verbindjemetjewarenatuur.nl, bij aanmelding ontvang je een zoom link en tikkie.

Donatie: 15 euro p.p. of meer indien je wenst.

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